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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Book ReviewFitzpatrick, Scott M.
2009Health in Pre-Angkorian Cambodia: A Bioarchaeological Analysis of the Skeletal Remains from Phum SnayDomett, K.M.; O'Reilly, D.J.W.
2009Radiocarbon Dates and Technological Change in Salt Production at the Site of Zhongba in the Three Gorges, ChinaFlad, Rowan K.; Xiaohong, Wu (吳小紅); Von Falkenhausen, Lothar; Shuicheng, L.I. (李水城); Zhibin, Sun (孫智彬); Chen, Pochan (陳伯楨)
2009Ceramic Production in Shang Societies of AnyangStoltzman, James B.; Jing, Zhichun; Tang, Jigen; Rapp, George (Ripp)
2009Cave Sites in Northeastern Luzon, Philippines: A Preliminary Soil Micromorphological StudyMijares, Armand Salvador B.; Lewis, Helen A.
2009Early Architectural Images from Muara Jambi on Sumatra, IndonesiaTjoa-Bonatz, Mai Lin; Neidel, J. David; Widiatmoko, Agus
198826:2 Table of Contents - Asian Perspectives-
2009Community Diversity at Ban Lum Khao, Thailand: Isotopic Evidence from the SkeletonsBentley, R. Alexander; Cox, Katherine; Tayles, Nancy; Higham, Charles; Macpherson, Colin; Nowell, Geoff; Cooper, Matthew; Hayes, Tina E.F.
2009A Reconstruction of an "Officially Expunged" Kingdom in Colonial South India: Panjalamkurinchi through Memory and ArchaeologySeylon, Raman
2009Mid-Holocene Social Interaction in Melanesia: New Evidence from Hammer-Dressed Obsidian Stemmed ToolsTorrence, Robin; Swadling, Pamela; Kononenko, Wallace Ambrose; Rath, Pip; Glascock, Michael D.