International Cultural Studies Certificate Program


The mission of the International Cultural Studies Certificate Program (ICSCP) is to promote a critical inter-disciplinary understanding of culture at the University of Hawai`i, in the East-West Center, and in the local community. Through the Certificate Program, and other courses that ICSCP offers, such as in the Honors Program, students will receive theoretical and practical training in order to be able to interpret cultural products and practices in diverse media and to research into the creation, dissemination, and reception of these products and practices. Through its Speaker Series, co-sponsorship of campus seminars, organized conferences, and other occasional activities, ICSCP will also provide a forum for presentations on the theory and practice of cultural studies. Through these activities the program also seeks to enhance communication and collaboration between disciplines and departments in the University and East-West Center. ICSCP focuses particularly, though not exclusively, on cultural and cross-cultural processes in Asia and the Pacific.

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