Hatohobei and Sonsorol

This is a collection of 66 recordings in Hatohobeian (also known as Tobian) and Sonsorolese. It contains recordings of lexical items, paradigms and narratives. Hatohobeian and Sonsorolese are two closely-related Chukic languages spoken on the South-West Islands in Micronesia. The majority of speakers of these languages live in the neighbourhood Echang (pronounced E'ang) on the island of Palau. The recordings were made on Palau in the fall of 2013 as part of a self-funded internship with the Summer Institute of Linguistics. They were made by Esther van den Berg, then student at VU University Amsterdam, under supervision of by Jim Ellis, an expert on Carolinian languages, and members of the Tobi-Sonsorol bible translation team (https://isles-of-the-sea.org/projects/tobian/)

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