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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
23 Jan 2015Proceedings 2014: Selected papers from the eighteenth college-wide conference for students in languages, linguistics & literatureLeal, Priscila
2000Identity and second language learning: Local Japanese learning Japanese in Hawai‘iSugita, M.
2000Motivation, reported strategy use, and preferences for activities in foreign language classes at the University of Hawai‘i at Manoa: Reliability and validity of instrumentsWatanabe, Y.
2001Voices and visions in global perspective: Selected papers from the second college-wide conference for students in languages, linguistics and literaturesLower, L.; Koh, H.
2003Proceedings 2000: Selected papers from the fourth college-wide conference for students in languages, linguistics and literatureSibley, Gay; Ochner, Nobuko; Russell, Kerri
20052005 NFLRC workshop: Designing Effective Foreign Language Placement TestsHudson, T.
20042004 NFLRC/COTSEAL workshop: New Visions for Southeast Asian Language TeachingSavage, W.
2007Developing useful evaluation practices in college foreign language programs: Showcase sessionFaculty Working Group on Foreign Language Program Evaluation
19 Jan 2016Proceedings 2015: Selected papers from the nineteenth college-wide conference for students in languages, linguistics & literatureAguirre, Samuel; Plumb, Emily Gazda; Martin, Kristyn
20072007 Second International Conference on Task-Based Language Teaching: Conference evaluation reportWatanabe, Y.; Hill, Y.; Ma, J.H.; Von Biedenfeld, A.K.